KOKOS - Your personal stylist


  • Shopping center KOKOS (Suits, dresses, jackets, Plus Size clothing etc.)
  • The best service and support
  • A company you can trust
  • The first choice when ordering clothes in Latvia
  • A popular, fast-growing Latvian company that cares for its employees



Retail space increases to 800 m2. 

A rapid expansion of the assortment of women’s and men's attire is happening.




Retail space increases to 700 m2. 

A rapid expansion of the assortment of women’s and men's attire is happening. 




Opening of a new women's store +160 м2. Total 400m2.

Increasing range of products on the website 4 times.




Manufacturing personal KOKOS suits, blazers and dresses.

New, modern homepage design. 

KOKOS website available in estonian and lithuanian languages.




Manufacturing personal KOKOS t-shirts and hats.

Taylor services in showroom. 

K O K O S registered trademark patent.




The new Mobile kokoshop.eu website is being developed.

A new Blog - Help; Fashion & Style




Retail space increases to 240 m2.

A rapid expansion of the assortment of women’s attire is happening.

The new KOKOSHOP.EU website is being developed.




The clothes store KOKOS acquires new premises, including a showroom of 180 m2.

The numbers of the represented italian and german brands significantly increase.

An improved standard of customer service is introduced.




Own photo studio is created.

KOKOSHOP.EU celebrates it’s thousandth order in Europe.




Retail space increases to 80 m2.

The online store’s KOKOSHOP.EU visitor’s number reaches 1000 a day.




A multibrand online store KOKOSHOP.EU is founded.

Founded by Vadims Vorobjovs.








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