• We are distributors with eight years of experience in the wholesale market in Europe. 
  • Our product has been tested in an online store, in a stationary store and in a wholesale. 
  • We guarantee a high quality of product and service. 
  • We are the producers of our own popular brand.  




  • Providing professional consulting about the intricacies of clothing trade.
  • Finding the best option for your business.
  • Talking care of the latest offers.
  • Preparing the best offers for different seasons.
  • Becoming your business partner by providing a high-quality product at the best wholesale price.


  • Make orders based on statistics and market segmentation.
  • Get advice from a strong team of managers and stylists who are experts  in the field of fashion.
  • Obtain the highest level of service in the Baltics, based on a large amount of  retail and wholesale trade.
  • Reduce the risks, thanks to the lack of a minimum order.






Mob.ph.: +371 26285543 (Women's store), +371 27440035 (Men's store)
E-mail: kokos@kokoshop.eu,
Online clothing shop: www.kokoshop.eu






We can work individually with everyone and consider various opportunities for cooperation, prices and offers. 

















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- Our professionals will consult you about all second hand and stock business features
- Find the best option in order to meet your business needs
- We will keep updating you about all our news
- We offer customized selection of products according seasonal trends
- We offer just high quality production for the lowest wholesale price to ensure our customers satisfaction







In 2011, we created our first online clothing store. At that time, our store looked like a warehouse of 30m2 with a small fitting booth. In 2015 our store retail space reached 280 m2, but the volume of products was increased by 10 times. We made an active and successful partnership with leading Italian and German wholesalers and clothing factories. In 2016, we started our own wholesale business. In 2017, we launched our sewing studio and put our first clothing line on the market.


Since 2011, we have gained big experience in the retail field, working both in online and our own stores. After such an experience, we know how to successfully co-operate with buyers, wholesalers and clothing manufacturers from all countries over the Europe. We always want to provide our customers with only the best quality products with the best prices. But the most important thing for us always will be the first-class service, customers loyalty and customers for life.


We know what You want, and we can give it to You! We want to change your sense of the procurement process completely, offering you the opportunity to save time by cooperating with one company, at the same time receiving items from more than 20 different locations. Also, we want to prove that on the clothing wholesale market a high-level service and an individual approach to each customer are possible. We are truly interested in the business growth and development of each partner; therefore, we are doing our best, so that cooperation with us would be profitable, comfortable and enjoyable for you. In the following description, you will find out - why!








1) Wholesale purchases of products are always made based on: statistical data; segmentation and historical purchasing data; detailed research on demand and forecasts; as well as analysis of statistical data of product sales. It is helping us to buy goods in the required amount and assortment, to avoid the situation that the most requested items are out of stock already at the beginning of the season. Thanks to accurate data analysis and skilled forecasting which we gained through the experience, we can make purchases of goods for half of year or even for the next whole year. In this way - by buying winter clothes in the summer season, we can be sure that we will get the best products for the best prices. In addition, all risks regarding to purchases are reduced to the lowest level.

At the beginning of clothing retailing, you can rely only on our own taste and prognosis on consumer behavior changes on the next season, because there is no knowledge and statistical data which is necessary for the base. Therefore, there is a relatively high risk that the first clothes and shoes wholesale of production will fail, you will not be able to sell goods on the planned timeframe, funds will be frozen and debts will rise. Therefore, we want to share our knowledge and experience in the procurement field with you, it is very important to ensure your company with a safe and successful start position.





2) Our team managers and stylists are fashion experts who perfectly know current and future trends. We follow celebrities on social networks, analyze information about the latest activities of World’s top and other fashion designers. That is why we always have a knowledge about the latest trends in fashion and we know for sure what customers need today and what kind of clothing’s will be on top on the next season. However, it should be considered that fashion trends in each country may have completely different directions and understandings, so it is important to make the right choice that will meet requirements of the local market. Expert opinion is very useful in this field.





3) We have a big experience in the retail sector, we have reached the highest level of service among the Baltic States, and this is our competitive advantage. Direct communication with customers makes it possible to find out customers wishes and needs, with this action we are reducing a risk of buying products that will not be in demand. It is necessary to understand who are your customers and what they are looking for, because without this knowledge, the chance to buy non-demand items will increase significantly. Unfortunately, at the beginning of journey, no seller is gifted with such an experience and knowledge. Therefore, we will be pleased to provide you with support for your customer research, market analysis and to help you to make the choice of assortment of production for your store.





4) We make wholesale purchases of products in about 40 locations, from different suppliers and manufacturers. This allows us to be very flexible as we can easily adapt to all year seasons, different client segments and the most up-to-date fashion trends. It allows us to compare several suppliers and choose the best, reducing dependence on one co-operation partner. Experience has shown that small trading companies cooperate with 1-2 suppliers at the start of their business to minimize purchasing risks. Clothes wholesale europe company has a minimum purchase volume and terms, as well as certain shipping costs, so cooperation with multiple suppliers may be too expensive. And at the beginning of cooperation, there is always risk of getting clothes that according to appearance and quality does not match with description and pictures. We also have made many mistakes and lost money over these years until we have found reliable and beneficial suppliers. This will give you an excellent opportunity to reduce your wholesale purchasing risks, save time and money by working with us.




5) All new retail and wholesale clothing european companies are facing the same problem at the beginning of their activity, and it is the minimal order size. For example, for qualitative men's suit, minimum order size is approximately 300 units. To meet consumer needs, store must have at least 30 different suits, but it means that the seller must buy 30x300 = 9,000 suits. It is almost impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to buy and sell such an amount of suits. In addition, to such a big purchase, any mistake choosing a model, color or size may lead to a financial disaster. A similar situation can happen also purchasing other types of clothing, footwear, bags or accessories.

Thanks to our collaboration experience, all our partners have given us an opportunity to purchase the number of items we need, also by choosing individual models, sizes and getting better prices.




6) A little bit about the situation on the market and how we started our business, making mistakes that you may encounter.

Collaboration with intermediaries. Why is it better to avoid it?

As a rule, intermediaries do not have stock full of products, but only contacts between wholesale warehouses and manufacturers; for the most part, their cooperation with suppliers is virtual, and they do not even deal with real products. They electronically send their "super great deals," to the retailers often forgetting to add photos, or adding photos without any description about size or fabric. Those intermediaries who have production usually do not know anything about your company and are not interested in your needs, sales situation and market situation; their goal is to sell you as much as possible, earning their commission percentage. We have had experience with such agents in Italy and Germany, realizing the fact that they are bringing us to warehouses and clothing wholesalers who paid more commission for these agents (which reached up to 10% of our purchasing volume), not to those who we were interested in. Therefore, we are aware of how necessary it is to find honest and reliable business partners at an early business stage, who also have experience in the retail field, market intelligence, efficient purchasing channels, and responsible attitude towards the customer, providing a high level of service.

That is what we are ready to offer you - to protect yourself from mistakes and to find exact product assortment that is pleasant for you and your customers.




7) Photos for collections and banners are made by professionals in our own studio.




Our questions to you (what kind of information do we need from you to start a successful partnership)?


  • What is your goal? (to prepare you an individual offer, we need to understand how do you see your store and what kind of clothing you want to sell);

  • Information about your clients - average age, gender, economic status? (by receiving this information, we will be able to choose the most appropriate models, sizes, colors based on our statistics, knowledge and gained experience);

  • Where do you currently buy your production? (by learning about your experience and capabilities, we will be able to offer you better deals or to add higher range of items to your existing ones);

  • How do you sell your clothing’s - in your own store, online store, or both? (since we have experience in both clothing retail areas, we are clearly aware that the assortment of goods for on-the-spot sales differs from the online merchandise assortment, so we can provide you with the optimal combination of products that will maximize your profit);

  • How and where do you advertise your company? (since we sell clothes ourselves, we can recommend the most effective advertising channels and product promotion methods)


Why is it beneficial for us to cooperate with you?


The larger is the volume of purchase from major clothing and shoes wholesalers and manufacturers, the better offers, delivery payment and other terms they will give to us. In addition, in the case of larger orders, it is possible to get cheaper prices.

Our support will cost you just as much as paying agency or intermediary services, but the added value will be much higher, because you will be able to rise the product range by purchasing more models directly from the manufacturer, you will be able to use fashion expert knowledge and experience, becoming more flexible, gaining the opportunity to purchase clothes from more than 20 tested places, you will also reduce the risk of purchasing your goods from bad sellers, we will help you to increase the quality of the goods you buy, make purchases at better prices that will lead to an increase in your company's profits.

Therefore, our cooperation is mutually beneficial.


Our offer and conditions may change depending on changes in the market situation, but flexibility is considered one of the advantages of our company, so it is not even possible to describe all the variation of cooperation options. For each customer, we provide an individual approach based on client’s goals, values, preferences and opportunities.







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